ODROID-A Tablet PC: Exynos 4210 Processor Present

The tablet PC market has been shaken up in recent times. When you think back to about two years ago, no manufacturer in their right mind would contemplate releasing a tablet PC. Apple walked in last year and revolutionized it in the way that only they can with the iPad.

Following on from that we have seen more than fifty tablet PCs showcased at CES 2011 and a few more at MWC 2011. Now we have read a report over on Engadget by Vlad Savov where there is a tablet PC shown with the branding ODROID-A. This device is running on a Exynos 4210 processor ARM cortex A9 dual-core at 1GHz but as Savov says in his article this is strictly a developers kit.

There are some other pretty good specs which you can read all of over on the official HardKernal website. There are all sorts of cool features on this bad boy including a 10” display running at resolution of 1366×768. Impressive stuff!

There are a couple of videos at the bottom of the article for you to have a look at, we particularly like the way that you can see all device’s innards through the transparent case that it has and the first one gets very interesting around the 6:20 time. There remains to be a few mysteries to be solved on how to get one as we don’t know what makes you qualify but we do know that the cost will be around the $750 marker.

That’s quite a nice screen don’t you think? What did you think of the videos? Let us know in the comments section below.