iPhone 5 “Minimum” Battery Life: LTE, Larger Screen & More Contribute

Even though we are in the early part of March, a lot has already happened since the start of the year. Following on from the CES show and Mobile World Congress, plenty of smartphone and tablet devices have been showcased and subsequently on their way to us in the coming months. One such device is that of HTC’s new Thunderbolt, a phone which has already experienced its fair share of negativity, or should I re-phrase that and say the carrier Verizon and HTC have. Still, with release dates been and gone, consumers are still no nearer to getting their hands on one of these handsets, so why?

One of the main reasons to plague the Thunderbolt is suggestions that the 4G LTE from Verizon, is contributing to poor battery life, Skype not working as it should and as Gizmocrunch.com reported, overall unreadiness of the network. So with these issues in mind, where will this leave the iPad 2 which will be released on Friday and the biggie expected in the summer the iPhone 5?

To date, we expected both devices on Verizon to come with 4G LTE capability hence improving their connection speeds, but with the iPad 2 already shown off without it, and the possibility of it not being included on the next gen iPhone, we may not see it until yet another offering of the iPhone maybe a 6. Up until now as gizmocrunch stated, Apple have been synonymous for producing devices with fantastic battery life, take the iPad’s with their 10 hour juice life.

The worry for the iPhone 5 has now focused on its possible larger 4-inch screen and inclusion of dual-core 1GHz chip which if featured, could make it harder for the handset to meet “minimum” battery life. Along with this as already mentioned, if Skype is experiencing its fair share of problems as well as Verizon’s 4G LTE not being ready, where does this leave Apple, one would assume in a bit of a predicament?

Are you waiting for the iPhone 5 arrival? Does today’s news make you a little wary?

  • Mike

    Yes. I'm dying to get off my Blackberry Bold and move to an iPhone, but I want LTE. If I can't get an LTE iPhone then I'll just buy a refurbished iPhone out right until they come out with one.