iPad 2 to Sell at Target: Trade-in iPad 1’s for store credit

We’ve been bringing you all the information about the new Apple iPad 2 since it was finally announced last week. Along with news that it would also be available for sale at Best Buy, Walmart and Sam’s Club when it’s released this week on March 11, we can now add Target to that list of retailers.

Our posts with news and insights on the new iPad were so numerous that yesterday we published an iPad 2 information roundup so that you can access virtually anything you need to know from one article, so if you want to find out more hit the link for that. Today we also informed our readers of the price plans available for the iPad 2 from both AT&T and Verizon and now we have news that not only will the iPad 2 be on sale at branches of Target, but also that you can get a trade-in for your original iPad.

This news comes from a tweet from Target, which we heard about from Seth Weintraub over on 9to5Mac. A report is also noted from PCWorld, which says that customers who wish to can trade in their iPad 1’s for store credit in more than 800 stores from March 13. We agree with 9to5Mac that this coming launch day could surprise us all with just how many iPad 2’s will sell, because as opposed to some previous Apple product launches, there will be so many ways to get hold of one, which surely can only be a good thing.

If you want to check out more about the Apple iPad 2, or to order online check out the iPad 2 pages at apple.com here. Are you heading out to the stores on March 11 for your iPad 2 and will you take advantage of the Target trade-in scheme? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.