HP TouchPad Spotted: Featuring a SIM card slot – with video

The HP TouchPad has a lot of people eagerly waiting for its release. This high-spec tablet has had a lot of positive press and now we hear that a Vietnamese tech site has had plenty of time to get to grips with the TouchPad and even handily issued a video.

The HP TouchPad has a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 9.7-inch screen, runs on webOS 3.0 and features a front-facing camera for video calling. We recently included it in our comparison of four of the best forthcoming tablets, the iPad 2, BlackBerry PlayBook, Motorola Xoom and TouchPad. We also told of a rumored release date sometime before June and a price of around $699 and more recently it was rumored that the release of the HP TouchPad will be in April.

The news of the Vietnamese look at the TouchPad came from Sean Hollister over on Engadget, sourced from Tinhte.vn and one of the most interesting things is that the TouchPad features a SIM card slot, which wasn’t known about before. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that by the time it’s released it will still have one but it’s certainly been thought about. You can also see the video of the hands-on experience below this story.

PreCentral.Net also tells how there is now a product page for the HP TouchPad over on Amazon.com. The Amazon information is rather limited and doesn’t include a release date or price but does include some specs. You can also sign up for updates so head to the link if you want to check that out. What are your thoughts on the HP TouchPad and are you eager to hear a release date? Let us know by sending us your comments.