Horse called Arrrrr: Announced with Gusto- YouTube Video

Here at OSM we like to keep our readers informed with all the latest tech and social media news but sometimes we like to bring a lighter side to you and today we have a peachy video for you to look at. The YouTube video is of a horse race featuring a horse called Arrrrr, where the announcer played his part with gusto and gave us a real chuckle.

We recently gave you a funny rap battle between Beethoven and Justin Bieber and a crazy basketball blooper but we heard about this latest YouTube video from Charlie White over on Mashable, sourced from Neatorama. The star of the show, apart from the hilarious announcer, is a horse called Arrrrr (think pirates!).

If you say it how it’s written, with feeling, as the commentator did throughout the video, it sounds funnier and funnier. Make sure you stay tuned to the end of the race, which you can see below this story. What really made us laugh is how quickly the commentator’s voice goes back to normal as he reads out the second and third places. We’ve heard of some peculiar and eccentric names for horses before and we wonder if any thought is given by the owners to the sounds the commentators may have to make during a race!

Can you think of another imaginative name for a horse, which could also be pronounced with gusto to liven up a race? Give us your suggestions and tell us what you thought of this crazy announcer.