Google Destroys Latest Malicious Apps

If you cast your minds back a few days ago you may remember that we brought you news about a number of malicious apps that had made it through to the Android Market, it now appears that Google have removed these apps and are planning to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

In the post we brought you a few days ago Debbie Turner was telling us how 21 apps found in the Market had been found to contain malware, which could threaten the security of your device. These apps which included Dice Roll, Photo Editor and Super Guitar Hero were downloaded up to 50,000 times each, you can read this post as well as a full list of the affected applications here.

Yesterday Google addressed the situation on their blog and set out their plan of action to prevent this from happening again, according to this post from Phonedog this would involve rolling out a security update to the affected handsets to kill the exploit that was used as well as, adding new measures to prevent any further apps like these entering the Market in the future.

Although Google reacted pretty quick to this news by remotely removing these apps from users devices and removing them from the Market it would appear that quite a few people were affected, in this post from Engadget they report that as many as 58 apps were malicious and 260,000 users had downloaded one of these.

Although this could have been a big problem it seems that Google are reacting pretty efficiently to get it sorted.

Are you an Android user? Do you think Google have handled this situation well enough?

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