Foursquare & American Express Join Forces: Discounts At The Ready

Location-based networking site Foursquare which can be accessed through mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone or BlackBerry devices is not only updating its service to Foursquare 3.0 but is now joining forces with American Express. Foursquare which initially launched in 2009 offers its subscribers the chance to check-in to various venues whilst gaining badges and points.

By partnering up with American Express or AmEx as its known, users will not only be able to gain the above advantages but will benefit from discounts at restaurants, retail outlets and so on. According to via news from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), it has been noted by various tweets from Dennis Crowley Foursquare’s CEO, that the location-based site is hoping to branch out in terms of what’s it offering to compete against the likes of Facebook Places amongst others.

This latest collaboration of the 2 companies will enable AmEx customers to not only register their cards via Foursquare but will give them special deals from retailers who are linked up to the site. Therefore retailers will benefit in the long run with increased sales. The new service will be trialled and tested in a week’s time in Austin, Texas at the “Southwest Interactive Festival,” which is geared up with the sole purpose of emphasizing on start up businesses. As stated, some 60 local retailers will be getting involved with the “spend $5 save $5 deal.”

Tell us are you a fan of Foursquare? What do you think of its new collaboration with global credit card company American Express?