Boy Diagnosed With Leukemia Through Facebook: Well Spotted Doc

When it comes to Facebook and its uses, normally you would associate it with advertisements brands and these days maybe even sports. What you possibly wouldn’t pair up with the large social network is a doctor diagnosing a boy with Leukemia.

Well that’s exactly what has happened, Meredith Singer tells the tale in her article over on where father Philip Rice posted a picture of his son on his social networking site. The doctor and a friend saw the picture and a rash that the boy had, the doctor realized that the rash was a symptom of Leukemia and a message was sent to the father.

The message said to take his son to the hospital immediately and now the young lad is going through a three year course of chemotherapy. Because of that one picture that was uploaded the kid now has a 75% chance of surviving that would have undoubtedly diminished more and more by the day had it not been for the eagle eyed doctor.

The original article was posted over on where they tell the tale and they mention a quote from the doctor saying that Philip (the dad) just so happened to mention on Facebook that Ted (the son) had a rash.

It’s a good story and shows that as much as some people may think it is a bad tool, but in cases like this Facebook certainly proven its use. OSM wishes the young lad well in his recovery.

Have you ever had an unexpected result out of posting a picture on your Facebook?