Blackberry Protect Now Available: Lost Phone Assistant

Losing your phone has got to be one of the most stressful parts of owning a mobile device, if you’re a Blackberry owner then RIM have some good news for you, they have recently launched an application called Blackberry Protect which is now available to download.

Similar to Apple’s MobileMe application Protect will assist people in the eventuality of them losing their mobile device, supported by a handset app and an online service this platform will allow users access to a host of features that will enable them to keep their personal information safe.

These features according to this post from Phonedog will allow users to display a message on their phones home screen, allow a remote back-up, find their smart phone using GPS, activate a loud ringtone and remotely lock and wipe the handset. Unfortunately these features are not available just yet to devices that use Blackberry Enterprise server or Server Express, but hopefully we might see something for these devices sometime in the future.

The even better thing about this application is the fact that’s its free and available for download now via App World which can be found here. Once downloaded you can then access your online Protect account here, for anyone that wants to see this application in use we have embedded a video below for you to watch.

This service looks really great and we’re sure it will be much appreciated by all RIM fans who use it, with all other operating systems out there like Android and Apple IOS providing this sort of service we were wondering how long it would be before we saw something similar from these Smartphone giants.

Will you be trying BB Protect? If so how did you get on?

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