Olivetti Android 10-inch OliPad Tablet: New Kid On The Block

With tablet devices taking the world by storm every manufacturer wants to get on the bandwagon and claim their share of the market. So much so that Olivetti best known for their position in the manufacturing of typewriters, has decided to enter into the tablet race.

A report by Engadget states that Olivetti claims to have produced the first Italian tablet by announcing its OliPad tablet.

The 10-inch slate carries a 1024 x 600 display and Android 2.2 with NVIDIA Tegra 2. Connection capabilities come in the form of 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth with external outputs from a USB and HDMI port.

Along with a 1.3 megapixel camera comes the addition of a variety of accessories to assist the OliPad, like the touch mouse, keyboard and capacitive pen along with a docking station.

According to Tina at PR News, at the same time as releasing the OliPad, Olivetti introduced its Application Warehouse, which it touts as “a virtual storehouse of configurable and customizable software applications designed by Olivetti specifically for business and government.”

Pricing for the OliPad comes in at a very reasonable €399 and hits the shelves this Monday, If you want to read the full press release then head over to Engadget. So with yet another tablet device crowding the market, do you think that the likes of iPad 2 and Xoom have anything to worry about?