Gaga’s New Video A Week On: 12 Million YouTube Hits

We brought you the news last week that Lady Gaga’s new hit “Born This Way” had made its exclusive debut on Vevo. The song did not have a video for a month, and the audio video itself had a staggering 26 million hits. One week on and the full music video already has 12.6 million views!

If you are a fan of Gaga and are yet to see the video, then we have embedded it for you below courtesy of The Deadbolt News. The enigmatic pop star is breaking all sorts of social and music records; she recently became the fastest ever artist to reach 1 million downloads with a track on iTunes. “Born This Way” took just 5 days to reach the 1 million milestone.

YouTube is a happy place for Lady Gaga, with many of her videos having hundreds of thousands, if not millions of viewings as well as over 400,000 subscribers to her channel. The diva is one of only 3 to have amassed over 1 billion YouTube hits, the other 2 being Shakira and Justin Bieber. In the social media world, Gaga is arguablly the biggest there is, as she has 29.5 million Facebook fans and 8.2 million Twitter followers.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s new music video? Does it have the potential to reach over 100 million hits eventually? Let us know your thoughts and if you think social media is the driving force behind the popularity of celebrity.