Facebook Me, Facebook My Dog

Here at OSM we do enjoy a good infographic, which are pictorial forms of displaying information, and among our recent articles about infographics were a look at how small businesses are using social media and another attempting to predict winners of the Grammys 2011 using social media. Now though for all you dog lovers we have a great one to look at about social networking and man’s best friend.

It appears, almost unbelievably, that some dogs now have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts and now a survey has been conducted by Lab 42, according to Charlie White over on Mashable, into the connections between social networking, dog enthusiasts and dogs themselves. The survey took place online using social networks and involved several hundred adults of varying ages and backgrounds.

The survey asked those involved if their dog/s had Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube accounts. 14% of said their dogs had Facebook accounts while 86% (the sane ones?) said theirs did not. 6% said their dogs had Twitter or Flickr accounts while amazingly 27% said their dogs had a YouTube account. Of the dogs who had Facebook accounts the majority, 42%, had between 1 and 25 facebook friends but a staggering 3% had 500+ facebook friends.

The survey also asked questions such as how often do you pick up your dog/s poop, (53% said every time), and how much money people estimated they spent on their dogs yearly. 35% said they spent between $500 and $1000 while 1% said they spend $10,000 + every year. For a look at the full infographic and more details head to the Mashable link above. We’re still reeling at the knowledge that some owners are setting up Facebook and other social networking accounts for their dogs. Are you one of those people and if so why? Does your dog get something out of it? Let us know with your comments.

  • http://www.pookiee.com Caitlin75

    It helps having a profile for your dog on social sites you get to meet people that have the same breed dogs as yours which helps if you need to ask questions. Also your dog can find new friends to go to the park with. A cool new site for dogs and their owners is http://www.pookiee.com. Its like facebook you can share photos stories make friends etc only difference is its for people who are crazy about their dogs

  • Meggers

    I just took my 12 year old pit/rot/lab mix to the dog park for the first time in his life today. He hasn't been to any before since there weren't any where I'm from. Some of the dog owners who were at the dog park today said their dogs had facebook accounts and one said their dog has a blog lol. At any rate, I thought it was cute and showed they actually care a lot for their dogs. Yes it is a bit screwy but it's all in good fun. So, after learning there were people making facebook accounts for their pets, I looked it up and found dogbook on actual facebook. It looks interesting and seems to have information about various dog parks and things. I have decided to make an account for my old man Kurt, you asked why? Well my dog hasn't got a lot of time left on this earth and I kept him away from other dogs out of fear his whole life. I was afraid he would not be social with other dogs and now that I see he does so wonderful I'm making it up to him by trying to find other dogs for him to pal around with. I'm sure there is a way to find dogs who are closer to his age in my area that I can plan meetups with. This is the sole purpose I am joining this group of potential "insane" by this article's definition lol. So here I go down the rabbit hole! Wish us luck lol.