Plextor Portable Hard Drive: USB 3.0 & Well Priced

Portable storage is one of the talking points at CeBIT with the Supersonic Magnum USB 3.0 Thumb Drive but there are plenty of other options out there. We have recently reported on a few different styles of storage such as the ultra rugged ioSafe hard drive that took a few blasts of a shotgun at CES 2011 or maybe you are more into your DC comic USB flash drives?

Well now we have another device that has appeared on Slashgear’s website, it’s made by Plextor and has had it is being showcased as ultra light and extremely portable. Good news for the device as it is also backward compatible to USB 2.0 which means you can buy it now and when you get your new computer with USB 3.0 you can continue to use your storage without an issue.

The model number of the device is PX-PH500U3 and it comes with a storage capacity of 500GB and a solid case made from ‘aircraft grade aluminum’. With that in mind you might be wondering what its actual weight is, well this guy weighs in at a slight 162 grams! We can see this sort of portable hard drive being extremely useful for those of you that travel a lot or are field based users for a company who are required to backup regularly.

If this is the sort of device that you want then there is one more key detail that you will need to know, price… The PX-H750U3 which is the 750GB model will be priced at £120 (hits Europe April), whilst the PX-PH500U3 will come in at a cool £90 (hits Europe in March).

Is this the sort of storage you need? Let us know in the comments section below.