Heinz To Utilize Facebook To Sell New Ketchup

When it comes to Facebook and using it to sell different items there are lots of different companies and brands that are starting to take advantage of its seemingly easy access to customers. So far we have seen a couple of different big brands adding a Facebook online shop such as FCUK and ASOS.

Now we are hearing that Heinz are going to utilize Facebook to sell their new Ketchup. This is great news for people who enjoy smothering their chips, sandwiches, burgers and god only knows what else in their famous red sauce, except this is tomato ketchup with a difference… This is tomato ketchup with a blend of balsamic vinegar!

We know what you are thinking because we are too, where can I get a bottle and how much?! Well as the Telegraph.co.uk’s Harry Wallop says in his article that the initial 3,000 bottles will be retailed exclusively through Facebook in their experiment in the use of social media for selling products.

Great move on the part of Heinz by letting a limited edition product with a blend of flavors that are present go on Facebook. If you check out this link then you will be able to read the press release where they tell us that you will need to ‘Like’ their Facebook page to be eligible for purchasing.

What do you think of this tactic that Heinz have used? Will the new Tomato Ketchup be a success? Let us know in the comments section below.