Facebook & Skype Resume Chats Of Video Calling

When it comes to two large communication tools such as Facebook and Skype then you have to wonder how they would work together, we have been reporting on what we know is going on between the two giants of the communication world but a lot of it is still rumor.

Now the rumors of Facebook and Skype chats of video calling have been re-ignited and to be honest it seems like a natural progression for Facebook. If you remember recently Facebook mentioned that they were working on a new messaging tool that pulls in your email style messages and your chat messages into one thread, but how convenient would it be to have a Skype call button there?

It would be a good move for Skype as they will be looking to expand on their user base and for Facebook it’s the logical next steps. We are wondering what Facebook’s 500 million strong army would think about the collaboration.

If you would like to read up on more information about the potential partnership between the pair, then head over to Bloomberg where their authors Ashlee Vance, Brad Stone and Douglas Macmillan added their report.

Would you like to use Skype from within Facebook?