AT&T Price Cut – Sale On Apple iPad

Following the Apple event and the showcasing of their brand new iPad 2 some things have been happening that might interest some of you who are reluctant to cough up the cash for an iPad 2. The original iPad prices are being slashed by the likes of AT&T in a bid to clear stock and squeeze the last bit of money out of you.

Undoubtedly the original iPad is still a good device that may seem a bit more sensible buy if cash is tight. Apple cut the price on their website but now AT&T is following in their footsteps according to BGR’s Andrew Munchbach.

The prices look like this, the 16GB iPad will now retail at $529, the 32GB for $629 and the 64GB for $729. If you can’t wait any longer to take advantage of this deal then you need to head over to the AT&T shop online and get buying, you can do it by using this link.

Also if you are going to go ahead with it, the money you have saved from not coughing up for the latest iPad you could put towards some cool accessories, we have previously reported on quite a few different ones such as the paintbrush stylus for the artist in you are amongst them.

Will you take advantage of the price cuts or are you going with the iPad 2 all the way? Let us know in the comments section below.