Archos High End Devices Coming In The Summer

Recently we have seen the prices of the iPad plummet by around $100 since the recent announcements of the Apple iPad 2 but there are plenty of other tablet PCs on the market that Apple revolutionized last year including the Motorola Xoom.

Now we are hearing and reading that Archos are preparing some new high end devices for the summer. Archos has certainly come on in recent times, if you think back to CES where we saw more than 50 tablet PCs being showcased Archos were in there too.

They have a couple of devices that are looking pretty good; one of them is the Archos 70 which houses an ARM Cortex A8 processor running at 1GHz. It certainly seems to be the way to go if you are looking for a decent tablet whilst saving your wonga as we reported on their Arnova models in the 8” and 10” sizes at very low prices previously.

Over at Engadget their author Tim Stevens is reporting on the news that they heard from where they say that the devices will look to be in the 7” and 10” inch ranges but at this time nobody knows what hardware it will be running or what they will look like. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens at IFA.

What are your experiences of Archos hardware? What do you think we can expect to see from them at IFA later this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • olivier

    i bought a archos tablet 7" two weeks ago. 250 GB disk is so cool, i can have all my films and my childreens disney films on the go.
    Android is ok to go on the web (with flsh), a decent tablet, i have acces to android market (with a add-on easy to install), skype, games. a good tablet with the right price.

    it is sometime slow with 256 Mb of RAM memory, but you just close some applications and it sppeds up.

  • John R

    I have an Archos 101 tablet and after some hours of configuration everything works excellent. I watch HD videos and stream material from my HTPC, works like a charm. SD card slot, USB master/slave and HDMI ports are invaluable when on the move. Everything can connect. Most impressive speed and starts up and connects to WiFi in 3-4 sec. Very satisfied and what a joy getting rid of itunes.