Your New Facebook Friend: Real Or Fake? How To Tell

Is a stunning woman or man trying to add you as a friend to Facebook? Have you ever thought that they might not actually be a real person? Well there are some tell tale signs that you may not know about so we wanted to report to you all on how to tell if your new Facebook friends is real or fake, this is how to tell.

The first one is their profile picture, sure there are some of your real friends already that you actually know with perhaps a slightly revealing photo but if it’s someone you don’t know then this is the first tell tale sign. There’s a good chance that the person isn’t real.

Check out their friends, if they are all of the same gender then that’s a sign don’t you think? Over at their author Nick O’Neill tells that a woman tried to add him to Facebook and 24 out of the 25 friends of that person were male. He explains that whilst there are some girls who get along better with guys, if 95% of their friends are guys then it’s more than likely a fake profile. Remember if your privacy settings are up to date then the only people that should be adding you are your actual friends or people you know.

Has your new friend only got one profile picture and the bare minimum of their details? If they have then you’ve guessed it, chances are they are a phony. Of course there are many other ways that you can tell if they are real or fake so what we would like you to do is if you know any other tell tale signs, let us know in the comments section below.

  • Marigona A

    if you think im going to be putting my information on fb for them to use in marketing and such then they have another thing coming.

    A lot of my friends dont update their photos. Does this make them fake? men in particular rarely update their profiles. does it mean they are fake? :S

    Its simple. if you dont trust them, dont add them. and if you dont have all your info on your page, then you have nothing to worry about in adding them anyways.

    Its a "Social networking site" so be sociable and network. Its a brilliant way to discover new people and cultures. Some have become my best friends having previously been strangers to me in a foreign land.

    Its all scare mongering. its not the fakes who do the harm, its FB and their gleaming of YOUR profile information to sell to marketing companies and other developers.