Toshiba Regza: Dual-core Powered Z2 TVs – Android App Coming

As we already know Toshiba is one of the top brands for making televisions as well as other things such as laptops. They are even dabbling into the tablet PC market but then again… Who isn’t?! This brings us onto the new Toshiba Regza dual-core powered LCD TVs.

Firstly if you are anything like us, you will be wondering – What the heck is Regza? Well it’s a newly developed high quality video processing system and a newly developed LED LCD. The new models will be released on March 25th and as they say over on the Toshiba official page the tablet PC and smartphone control for the TB ‘connects apps REGZA’ are also supported.

The name of the product is 110CS BS Digital HDTV LCD TV REGZA Z2 and there looks to be three sizes available, 37”, 42” and 47”. As things stand these bad boys don’t look to have a price but no doubt that will be following soon.

Jumping over to Engadget for a second, Vlad Savov has also mentioned that the company announced that it will release a version of its iOS-only REGZA remote control / DLNA streaming app for Android and also for Windows PCs. As things stand the app is currently only available in Japan so we are all going to have to wait for this technology to make its way over to Europe and the US. If you would like more information on the TVs and their capabilities then use this link.

Sounds pretty good though don’t you think? It’s going to make gaming even better!

  • Anonymous

    Just FYI, Toshiba registered the Regza trademark in early 2006 and has sold televisions under this premium label ever since then.

    Your blog was very suggestive of the possibilities, and like you, I am very interested to see what Toshiba eventually makes of them. You did not comment much on the Toshiba Tablet, but it is worth noting that Toshiba and Amazon may find it worthwhile to collaborate on the marketing of such a device, especially since Amazon needs a mobile platform that can be used to integrate and present its own ecosystem of VOD's, e-books, audiobooks, MP3's, and app's.

    Adding Regza TV's to this mix has a lot of potential, but it's also likely to be very pricey at first.