The Scrimms: Hitting Facebook Next Week

Facebook has become a great place for advertisement, sports and brands. There’s no doubt in our minds that eventually everything will move towards social media and social networking in some shape or form including animation, enter The Scrims – they will be hitting Facebook next week.

Whilst we have seen an episode of Spongebob Square Pants shown on Facebook for the first time, this will be a different kind of first. The Scrims are a Facebook family that will have an 8 episode series about Facebook.

The press release from says that there will be a provocative story about a Facebook family that gets torn apart by various things including a loss of privacy, obsession and greed.

The new series will show its first episode on Facebook come March 8th at 9pm EST, if this has caught your interest then you will be relieved to know that all you have to do to watch the episode is ‘Like’ their Facebook page ‘Like’ all 21 characters; you can easily do it by using this link. To learn more about the characters and about the series then head over to their official webpage (this has been slightly temperamental).

As Meredith Singer of says in her article, this doesn’t look like a show for kids and is instead intended for the more mature audience of 18+. Will you be liking their page to watch the series? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Check out the trailer at the bottom of the article.

  • @TheScrimms

    Just a minor correction: You need to 'like' all 21 characters to watch The Scrimms! We have a custom tab that makes liking all the characters very easy. o-)

    • Tim Ollason

      Hey Thanks for letting me know – this has now been updated

  • Valerie Rayne

    I think that I will most likely watch The Scrimms. I think that this is going to be an epic (either epically good or epically bad) social media experiment, and at this point couldn't imagine not being a part of it. So far, from character descriptions alone, I'm liking Tony Dunhill. I like the "No need to friend him – he is you and you are him" part, it's very Coo Coo Cachu!

  • Mark Rowntree

    Check out the new Trailer for The Scrimms — the first drama produced on Facebook®:

    The innovative 8-episode thriller uses Facebook social networking features and creative programming for an experience that is part book, part TV, and part live-theatre. Watch a family torn apart by greed, obsession, and loss of privacy — like only Facebook can!

    Don't miss the premiere tomorrow night (Tuesday March 8, 9pm EST, 6pm PST) on Facebook. To watch, go to "The Scrimms" Facebook Page Tab to 'Like' The Scrimms Cast and learn how to watch.