Pen Pal Site “” Extends To More Inmates

In this day an age, millions of people globally use social networking sites for many reasons, be it, to keep in touch with loved ones or find old school friends, share photos, status updates or even bragg about how many contacts they have acquired on their friends list. But have you ever considered keeping in touch with somebody behind bars?

Judging by today’s news from the guys over at, this very idea is increasing in user numbers, giving incarcerated men and women particularly in America, the chance to keep in touch with the outside world. There has been many stories of couples exchanging vows within prison walls after what started off as just the writing of a letter.

A pen pal website “ first seen in October of last year is spreading in American prisons, and gives inmates the opportunity to not only stay in touch with family and friends but also for mothers, its particularly beneficial in keeping in touch with their children. As well as this, many have found the site to be informative providing a link to “Prison Legal News which in itself contains articles and up to date details on human rights and legal advice.

There will no doubt be plenty of you wondering what the fascination is with writing to a prisoner, some may be asking what benefits there are? Interestingly enough for some involved in a religious faith, writing a letter, giving them spiritual guidance, offering ideas and discussion techniques, legal aid and so on can all prove rewarding. is a free service to anyone accessing it. Tell us have you ever written to an prisoner, had a romance or even married? Can you see good and bad to the new site? Let us know your thoughts below.