Old Spice Behind The Scenes: Making YouTube’s Sensation

“Hello Ladies”… Those seductive words have been made famous by the Old Spice Guy and his selection of hilarious TV advertisements for men’s body wash. Ex American footballer Isaiah Mustafa is the face behind one of the most loved and viewed ads of all time and now you can see how the magic is made.

We brought you the Old Spice Guy’s latest video about a month ago, with him taking a “scent tour” around exotic locations. If you have seen the video then what you probably didnt know is that the whole ad was created in one take! Mashable has reported that the suspension cables and creaky machinery noises were hidden by a masterstroke of editing. We have embedded the behind the scenes video for you below.

The Old Spice commercial is one of YouTube’s most watched videos with a jaw dropping 30.1 million hits! That is just for the first Old Spice ad, the “scent tour” ad has over 3 million viewings so you can get an idea of just how big Old Spice is. The man himslef has said to keep your eyes and ears on Twitter and Facebook for news on new videos.

As a result of Mustafa’s womanising nature, it has made women everywhere convince their man to start showering with Old Spice, thus causing fantastic sales figures and plenty of satisfied customers. Do you enjoy the Old Spice Guy and his humourous TV ads? Let us know if he has had an effect on you and you have bought his body wash, by leaving a comment below.