Microsoft Ponder Taking Legal Action Over Facebook Pilfering

With their joint venture with Nokia being one of the biggest stories in the last couple of months Microsoft have spent a lot of time in the limelight, just when the dust had settled they pop up again this time pondering whether to take legal action over Facebook for the pilfering of one of its members of staff.

In this bold move the company are hoping to block or take control of the terms that would see one of its former top ad exec’s taking up a new role within Facebook, the former staff member Carolyn Everson was head hunted by the social networking giant back in mid February.

According to this post from Microsoft currently have their lawyers toying over which option to take, the likely outcome is expected to see Everson being requested not to use any of the strategic information she gained whilst with her previous employer, this will include not using specific ad clients for a period of time.

According to this post from Hexus Everson’s decision to venture on to pastures new came as a complete shock, she had not long been with the company and had just finished organising a high profile marketing summit that’s set to take place this month. This is not the first time the company has taken steps like this, previously it pursued legal action and managed to get a temporary restraining order to block another one of its former execs from working at

Maybe Everson saw Microsoft as a stepping stone that would eventually allow her access to another big organization like Facebook, or maybe the offer on the table at the time was too good to turn down so she took a shot at it.

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