Facebook Needs Your Help: Places Asks For User Edits

It’s not often that Facebook is looking for help from its users but that has all changed today, Facebook needs your help with its Places side of things, they have started asking for user edits. This is more than likely a bid to make things more accurate.

Undoubtedly the 500 million strong army of users that are signed up to Facebook will help out and add their knowledge. We caught wind of the plea from Facebook through an article written by Jackie Cohen over at allfacebook.com where she mentions that there is a popup appearing.

The popup says as shown above, ‘Tell Us More’ and points to a little hyperlink that says ‘Suggest Edits’. Cohen also mentions that the editing tool for the Place’s creator allows changes for the page in question is on the upper right hand part of the screen, it allows changes input by an admin to go in right away.

There’s a possibility that there may be an additional window or interface on its way that will allow others who aren’t admins to contribute information about a place where the data is scarce. This could be a good move on the part of Facebook as they endure the battle against Foursquare’s check-ins. Check out the image below; it would seem that Foursquare has something similar in place.

Have you seen the prompt on your Facebook page yet? Let us know in the comments section below.