Disney Hit Social Networks With Rocket Pack

As the use of social networks is hitting an all time high it would make good sense for companies to capitalize on this, hoping to dip their fingers in this very big pie cartoon giants Disney have just acquired gaming developers Rocket Pack.

This Finnish company is developing both the platform and games that can be played using HTML5, this would allow games and apps to be played on a variety of digital platforms such as smartphones, websites and tablets without the use of a plug in like flash. The first of its games released back in December called Warimals was dubbed the first HTML5 Facebook game, you can read more on this game and try it yourself by clicking the link here.

This deal was said to be worth somewhere between $10 million and $20 million, with a hefty price tag like this what are Disney planning to do with this newly acquired company? According to this post from Variety.com as part of the deal Rocket Pack would be integrated into Disney Interactive Media Group, this would help the company achieve its aim of targeting social networks.

Previously Debbie Turner brought you a post that revealed Disney had just purchased Togetherville, this is a social networking site for children under 10 that provides a secure environment for them to interact with each other. With the purchase of this site and Rocket Pack Disney have the facilities to set up their own social network complete with online games, so rather than target all current social network users they plan to create their own.

As Disney already have great success with their theme parks, films and all other ventures it seems that this latest digital one could be something really big, let’s face it what child out there doesn’t get drawn in by the alluring magical experience the Disney has to offer.

What are your thoughts on this? Would this be something your kids would like?

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