Blackberry Messenger Set For Android & IOS?

Many handset manufacturers have their key benefits that encourage users to stay with them, one of the biggest benefits for Blackberry maker RIM is their messenger facility. In recent news it would seem that this popular application is set to hit other platforms like Android and Apple IOS.

According to a post from BGR’s Jonathan Geller trusted sources are saying that this exclusive service could be making its way to Android and even IOS, although this is not set in stone right now these sources are claiming that RIM are looking at certain details like pricing and timing.

As this application has only been exclusively offered to blackberry owners in the past, everyone else has had to rely on third party applications like Ping Chat and WhatsApp. It’s thought that this could be frustrating RIM as these applications base themselves on what the company believes to be a concept they invented.

If this is to go ahead it’s thought that Android users will be offered a stripped down version of BBM allowing the use of just instant messaging, where Blackberry users will have the full service which allows many other features such as photo and video sharing. To read more on this you can follow the link over to BGR here.

This could sway two ways for RIM it could glorify the service and leave people wanting more and entice them over to using the companies handsets, or it could leave people thinking that maybe this service was the only thing the company had to offer with their handsets and send them looking for an alternative. Whatever happens this is going to be an interesting story to keep our eyes on.

What are your thoughts on this? Would BBM being available on another platform please you?

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  • Phil4

    Check ReChat (Android messenger):
    – Facebook, Yahoo!®, Google Talk, WLM/MSN, Jabber/XMPP;
    – group chat (Yahoo!®, Google Talk, WLM/MSN, XMPP);
    – voice calls to Google Talk and Yahoo contacts;
    – free SMS worldwide BETA (with replies for USA/Canada);
    – plain/bubble view, font packs, send image/video, copy/paste, password, add/remove contacts.

    Facebook: upload image/video, send image/video, send message (as private event or wall post).
    Yahoo!®: conferences (create/invite).
    Google Talk: group chat, new email notification, unread emails w/o content.
    WLM/MSN: rooms (create/invite).
    Jabber/XMPP: rooms (create/invite).