BBC iPlayer Goes International: Affordable Subscription Fee

One if the best apps downloaded in the last few months on the iPad was BBC iPlayer, this smart video streaming utility allows users to catch up and view a whole host of their favourite BBC shows. With the overwhelming success this app has had it seems the next step in its journey would be an international release.

This international option is expected to be subject to a very affordable subscription fee of less than $10 a month, with this fee users would have full access to the applications facilities as well as additional access to the BBC’s archive programming.

As this app already exist on platforms like Android and IOS, it’s thought the only thing that could be slowing down the release was the time the company is taking to carry out tasks like research and development, two major things that they have to consider is would people make use of this app overseas and if so how much are they willing to pay per month for its service?

Director General Mark Thompson was quoted in a post from the Guardian talking about what an international launch of this app could mean for potential consumers, in his quote he said “the iPlayer app allows the BBC to “sell directly to consumers” without shows being rebranded or reformatted, which often happens when UK shows are bought by international broadcasters”. You can read more on his thoughts by following this link to that post.

For many of you that have not used the iPlayer before we have embedded a video below to show you its capabilities, if you want to download it you can follow this link here if you own an Apple device, or this link here if you have a device that’s on the Android OS.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be willing to pay for a service like this?

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