Android Google Maps Transfers Restaurant Reviews Via Twitter

Ever been to a restaurant and wanted to spill the beans to others, as to what service you may have received and what good or bad tasting food was on offer. Well for those who may not be aware, there is an opportunity to do just this with the aid of Google Maps on an Android platform.

To gain even more creditability on the Android market, Google Maps currently on version 5.2 and available for Android 1.6 upwards, has stepped up a level allowing users to send in their Google Places reviews be it a restaurant directly to networking site Twitter. This has been made available via the Places app or as reported, the widgets currently given on Google Maps.

This new feature which only came to light yesterday, is also added to yet another function, the opportunity to now ping your Latitude friends at places which may be nearby. With a simple check-in request from the person that’s pinged you, it can then be accepted or totally ignored.

This latest addition as Mashable stated, is to branch out with the emphasis of extending the service to more users, and with the introduction of one of the biggest social networking sites Twitter, it is hoped to now be achieved.

Following on from the announcement yesterday, Adam Connors of Google Maps commented by saying, “We wanted you to be able to share your recommendations even more broadly.”

In relation to Google Latitude and friends being able to ping one another, Connors said that users will, “Receive an Android notification from you asking them to check in at a place, and when they check in using your request, you’ll get a notification right back so you know which place to go to meet up with them.” To find out more on this with the option of downloading it head on over to the Android market.

Tell us what you think about the introduction of Twitter to Google Maps 5.2?