Skyfire 3.0 hits the iPhone Via App Store

If you’re a big Apple fan like us here at OSM then you will be well aware of how frustrating it can be to not have Adobe Flash support on any of your Apple Devices, with the the iPad 2 also not supporting this it seems that we would have to rely on third party apps. One of these apps is Skyfire which has just been updated to version 3.0 and will be hitting the iPhone via the app store.

For many of you this app will be one that you’re already familiar with for others that aren’t here is a brief overview of what it does, this WebKit based browser uses Skyfire’s servers to render web pages quicker by compressing them up to 85 percent. As well as offering very fast speed it also has the ability to show Flash video content that has previously been blocked by Apple.

The company announced in their press release that the much waited update for this service will be available to download via the app store as of today, at the low cost of just $3 this should be downloaded and used on every body’s iPhone. So what new features can we expect to see in this update?

According to a post from the update host some much improved video support for Adobe’s Flash protocol, One Touch Search which allows users to search through Wikipedia, Google or VideoSurf. This also offers up some much needed Social network integration with the use of Twitter feeds and Facebook Portal Integration, which will give you one touch access to all your Facebook needs. You can read more on these features by following this link over to

For anyone that’s interested in this app we have embedded a video below that shows you these new features working, if you want to jump right ahead and download then you can follow this link over to Apple’s App store.

What do you think of Skyfire? Will you be downloading it?

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