Rinspeed BamBoo Car: Alerts Driver To Facebook & Twitter Updates

For many people the thought of spending any significant amount of time away from their beloved Facebook or Twitter accounts fills them with dread. The not being able to message their friends, upload photos, refresh status updates and find out what others are doing leaves a big void. But what if today’s news was about to change this? We are talking about the introduction of a new internet car.

Yes that’s right, the world’s first internet car named the “Rinspeed BamBoo” car will enable the driver to not only get current Facebook and Twitter updates, but the car will also read your emails for you. Developers of this newest innovation Harman have said that we may well see this latest technology on our roads in the next 18 months or so. Here at OSM, we have on a number of occasions spoken about issues surrounding the use of mobile phones to call or text whilst driving, and subsequently how bans have been brought in to prevent possible accidents. So is this the answer?

The electric powered Rinspeed which was first showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, works on the principle that the driver will connect up their device be it iPad or smartphone into a charger which will then access the internet giving full updates, it has also been reported from the dailymail.co.uk that drivers will also be able to gain full coverage of the world wide web using a series of voice commands.

If you are wondering whether your device will work when this new concept comes to our roads, then the answer is yes, all Blackberry, iPad and smartphone devices will be compatible. As well as this, a built-in WiFi transmitter will be fitted allowing anyone else in the car to access the internet via their laptops or portable devices.

Kay Robinson, a spokeswoman for the company issued a statement saying, “The technology is designed to prevent the driver being distracted by texts and emails. Through voice commands the computer reads a person’s messages to them as they drive.”

Tell us what you think about the new idea? Can you see it as a help or hinder?