Motorola Xoom UK Price: Has The iPad 2 Killed Your Interest?

The Morotola Xoom is the device that won best-in-show at CES 2011 which is no easy task, especially when there were more than fifty tablet PCs showcased amongst other things. You have to wonder if the iPad 2 was at CES would it have taken that crown?

Anyway the Motorola Xoom 3G pricing for the UK has been talked about by Engadget’s Vlad Savov, he is reporting that it is showing up over on the Carphone Warehouse website for £599.99 SIM free along with some details about the new tablet.

This follows on from the WiFi only model being shown at PC World for £499.99 which as Phandroid’s Kevin Krause reports equates to roughly $815 which is a little bit more expensive than the 3G version off contract with Verizon. Compare these prices to the US and tell us what you notice.

Now that we know the iPad 2 is definitely on its way and it seems to be priced extremely competitively, we are wondering if the iPad 2 has managed to kill off your interest in the Motorola Xoom or not?

Given the choice of the Motorola Xoom or the Apple iPad 2, which will you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Snoop

    I think I would go for the Xoom.. I was over in the US following the release quite closely and it seems like a top gadget – I believe there is also talk that it will be upgradeable to 4G in the future – for free, something iPad will never do…
    I still think its over priced for a tablet pc thought, they both are.

  • liam

    motorola xoom all the way ! cant wait for a confirmed price and release date :)

  • Karl

    I’ ve pre ordered a xoom. The benefits of android honeycomb are what does it for me. For me the original ipad was just a bigger version of my ipod touch. The ipad 2 doesn’t move the stakes on far enough.

    • Maurice

      I Thought from reading the spec's i wanted it, i am lucky that i am on business in the USA right now. I popped in to a Verizon store and now it is my quest to have one. it looks solid, and sleek.

      I know i have not seen the ipad 2 but they just gone overboard on the way they lock you into the Apple eco-system.

      Xoom all the way regardless, let’s hope the price competition causes the Xoom to be a little cheaper.

  • Zimbowarrior

    Still want a xoom All they have done to the Ipad is make it quicker and copy the other tablets by adding cameras.

  • scott

    copy the other tablets that dont exist yet?

    xoom – 100 apps vs ipad2 with 65000 apps ?

    • Henry

      Some of those tablets do exist, most importantly the Xoom is already here 1st. So there's nothing Apple is doing w/ I pad 2 that Xoom has not already brought to the table. And the ipad started out with only a handful of apps too, so that's a non-issue… Developers are already cranking out better apps than those available for iOS.

  • Jason H

    Ipad 2 for me folks and this is from an ex-Windows (and Symbian, and Android) user who's moved to Apple's ecosystem of OS X (and iOS) after 20 years cos he's fed up with the problems. What Apple do very well is take an idea and develop it using clever software – the hardware is just incidental.

    For me there are multiple problems with Android. Firstly it's a lottery if a manufacturer will give support to upgraded versions of the O/S as they tend to custom write the front end (I'm talking new-ish devices not two or three year old ones), Apple's hardware tends to be very reliable (only had one device, out of 20 Apple devices we've had in the family, with a minor problem) and if not they have quite good service (take it into Apple store and if its not a software glith/fix they just swap it out, no questions asked). The battery life on even the ipad one is absolutely amazing and Apple claim a similar battery life to that for v2.

    Also iPad will still be here when Xoom has been superseded by something else Android-y in a few weeks. Indeed, for model phreaks you can buy Apple hardware knowing that you may even have a year with the latest model before it gets superceded.

    Resale rates are high ready to buy the next model. I've had lots of other mobile devices and they just don't hold their value on resale (hey even an iPhone 3G fetches good money – I know I sold one two months ago)

    Finally, I like Apple's walled garden approach as at least Apps don't come with torjans or viruses along for the ride, not to mention all the free usage stats that Google get (even though most companies are evil money making monsters I trust Apple a bit more than Google on this – do some research folks). Of course if I were a software pirate I'd buy Android and unlock it to root but most apps are either free or only cost loose change which is peanuts these days – car parking in my local city for an hour or two hours costs more than the average app!!!!

    That's my 20 cents worth as to why I'll pick up an ipad 2.