Legal Pitfalls of Looking up Job Candidates on Facebook

When it comes to Facebook, social networking and social media, it’s revolutionizing the way that we do everything including recruitment. We have recently been talking about a few different aspects of Facebook and some of the changes that have filtered through such as the new filter that has been added for wall posts.

Another recent change is the new commenting system that is being shown across different websites; check it out in this article. When it comes to Facebook and the legal pitfalls of looking up job candidates on Facebook there are certain things that you have to be careful of.

Whilst it’s good to be able to check out a potential candidate for an application over on one of the branching CNN websites their contributing author Ann Fisher has written a report on a conversation that has taken place. There was a person checking out potential candidates Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and their boss informed them that they should perhaps check this out with the legal department.

It is explained that whilst social networking sites are useful there needs to be more than just that one source checked to help avoid ‘disparate impact’. Another issue is if you check someone’s social networking profile, you may find information that you cannot ask of the candidate in an interview which again is a legal risk.

Head over and read the full report but we want to know from you, do you agree with the use of social network checks for potential candidates? Let us know in the comments section below.