Facebook Stories: What’s Yours?

Facebook is the largest social network in the world and has also become a good source for social media, many sports and brands. The 500 million+ signed up users are sometimes frustrated at the changes that are made (sometimes without warning) but at the end of the day they get forgotten about when they get used to the new methods – people simply don’t like change.

Instead of having a rant about it or instead of reporting on a new change that has come into play for Facebook, we are going to talk to you a bit about something else that you may or may not know about. Facebook Stories and we want to know yours.

We found out about the Facebook stories page whilst perusing through the stats pages that they have as we weren’t actually aware of its existence but it looks pretty interesting. It’s an opportunity for you to tell the world your story that you might not have been able to tell before but also to tell everyone how useful Facebook can be.

The page has almost 35 million likes and there is a filter down the side of the actual stories so that you can select the type that you want to read. One that we liked was by Ben Lomeli of London in the UK, he says in his story that he has been in the military for around 3 years and he would have lost contact with a lot of family and friends had it not been for Facebook, he is station overseas and says that Facebook is his number one way of keeping in contact. You can only imagine how important tools such as Facebook are to the guys and girls that are out there fighting in the wars…

There are lots of other stories about all sorts of different things from siblings being separated at birth and being re-united to more stories of friendships and love. What’s your story? Why not post it on Facebook’s story wall but also share it with us and our other readers.