Facebook App On BlackBerry Devices: How To Update To v1.9.0.28

When it comes to the BlackBerry and its apps, there have often been criticisms about the lack of numbers in their app store as well as the apps perhaps not being advanced enough. With some of the BlackBerry devices becoming more technologically advanced we are expecting this to change slightly in the future.

The popularity of Facebook with its 500 million+ strong army of users makes it a must have on your device, facing the facts people are more likely to buy a smartphone if it has access to Facebook while you are on the move. Anyway the Facebook app for the BlackBerry devices has been updated so here’s how to get it on your device courtesy of allfacebook.com’s Jackie Cohen.

Firstly open you your Facebook app on your BlackBerry device, then press the menu key which is the one that has the logo on it and then select ‘Options’. Then scroll down to the option that says ‘Check For Upgrade Now’ and select it. It should find the update and then apply it to your device – Happy Days!

If it doesn’t work straight away on your device then as they say on the help blog for the BlackBerry update simply wait a few hours and try it again. Fingers crossed that you don’t encounter any problems with it. The help blog will also explain exactly what changes to expect from the update.

Have you received the update? Let us know if yours worked first time or not in the comments section below.

  • Sean Watlington

    when I did check for update and it said new software was available it brought me to app world and was version .20 not .28 so it isnt working ….

    • http://www.onlinesocialmedia.net T-Man

      Hey Sean, thats strange – my little sister's one has updates to .28 :-S