Digsby Tool for Your Social Networking Needs

Here at OSM we always like to keep our eyes peeled for tools that we think could be of assistance to our readers. If you’re into social networking, e-mailing and instant messaging an application has come to our attention that could really help you manage all these functions, and it’s called Digsby.

While Digsby is not brand new it may have escaped your notice and it’s available as a free download here. It will enable you to take care of all your social networking, e-mailing and IM needs from one simple program. If you’re into social networking it will support, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace newsfeeds and enable you to easily comment, like and share links.

Digsby will also give you a combined buddy list for instant messaging, enabling you to chat with all your friends on FB Chat, Google Talk, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and more. E-mail is also made easier with pop-up notifications and with one click you can also ‘delete’, ‘open’ or ‘mark as read.’ If you want to find out more then check out the video below our story.

What are your thoughts on Digsby? Do you already use it and would recommend it, or are you going to download it now? Let us know with your comments.