BGT’s Simon Cowell Invites YouTube Wannabes To Audition

First on our screens in 2007, Britain’s Got Talent or shortened name BGT will be hitting our TV screens in the next month. The popular entertainment show on ITV and TV3 Ireland hosted by Ant and Dec gives the everyday person a chance of stardom, by letting them take to the stage to perform an act of their choice, be it singing, dancing, acting and so on. The overall winner receives £100,000 and the opportunity to perform in front of HRH the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance.

News in today will now give others the chance to audition via video site YouTube, something of which was tried out last year. Although for many this will be met with delight, others have questioned that this year’s talent may not be as good as other years and that the judges may struggle to find another act such as street dance troupe Diversity.

So why the sudden announcement? It has been reported from the that ex head judge Simon Cowell has stated that he is disappointed with the standard of auditions so far, consequently extending the invitation to many others, and what better way then using one of the biggest sharing sites YouTube. If we cast our minds back to 2010, BGT’s runner up 10 year-old Jackie Evancho started off by auditioning online, so there is proof in the pudding as it were!

According to The Daily Star, it was reported from a show source that “Cowell’s announcement is going to turn the show on its head.” Anyone successful enough to be chosen by the judges will take part in the semi finals on ITV.

Do you feel that you have got a talent, will you be joining many others online? To find out how to apply click here.