Why Do Some Big Celebrity Names Choose To Avoid Facebook?

In this day and age, social networking sites have become a part of a person’s existence, in some cases accessing your Facebook, Twitter or Bebo accounts on a regular basis could be seen to some as an unhealthy pastime. Whatever people’s opinions are towards the use of networking sites, for the time being they are here to stay. So why then for some people including high profile names, is it chosen to steer clear of such sites?

If we take a closer look at the biggest of all the social networking sites “Facebook,” to date it sees some 600 million active users, a film “The Social Network” which has won many awards and as startribune.com reported an Egyptian revolution. Reasons behind such celebrity names choosing to avoid the site could purely be put down to lack of time to jump on there at regular intervals, or concerns over privacy issues, something of which Facebook has been plagued about for some time. There are many tech, sporting and even TV/Movie names who perhaps feel that they are too big to even contemplate joining such a site or dread the thought of somebody else pretending to be them!

This was pointed out by ice hockey player Patrick Marleau, a winger for the San Jose Sharks who said, “I don’t use Facebook. The people who know me already know my number. You never know who is going to try to get hold of you, and the reasons behind it.” When we look at this one comment from Marleau and subsequent privacy issues in the past that unfortunately Facebook has at times still not managed to shake off, then its quite easy to understand why some high profile names would choose to avoid the site. First lady Michelle Obama made this quite clear when she announced her feelings towards networking sites and the ban imposed on her 2 young daughters.

As startribune.com reported, an interesting comment from social media strategist “Jeremiah Owyang” of the Altimeter Group in Calif said, “Some celebrities are concerned that social media will dilute their brand by overexposing them.”

Are you a Facebook and/or Twitter fan? Can you understand other peoples views to avoid these sites?

  • http://www.garious.com Aaron Eden

    I believe there will always be tons of reasons why not… and these high profiles that the public love, well, they want some kind of privacy – even when it means staying off the social grid. Besides, you don't simply know just who is reading your profile right now. As Erin Bury said, "Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.."