Steve Jobs Attendance at iPad 2 Event: Bigger news than reveal?

If you’ve been following all the tech news you will already know about the Apple iPad 2 event scheduled for later today when we’re expecting to see the next-generation iPad finally unveiled. There has also been speculation that the new iPad may be released very shortly after the reveal. However an awful lot of speculation also involves Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and the big question is whether he will attend the event?

Jobs has been on medical leave of absence as he fights illness and a lot has been said in the press lately regarding his health. We recently told though, how Jobs managed to attend a dinner with President Obama and since then the attention on Steve Jobs and his health has been almost as much as the attention for the iPad 2. We’ve also told how Apple shareholders have been asking for reassurances on the company’s future leadership and now there have been rumors that Jobs may well be planning a brief appearance at the iPad 2 event today.

Over at All Things Digital, Kara Swisher cites sources who are saying that Jobs is considering attending the event and if he does go along will more than likely take to the stage. However of course if Jobs does attend today the focus of the event could very much be on his health and not on the iPad 2. It’s understandable of course that people want to see how Jobs is, given all the recent photographs of him looking so gaunt but would the man himself want attention to be drawn away from the iPad 2?

Swisher makes a point very eloquently when she says, “What would be a welcome change in the coverage of Jobs’s personal struggles would be to show a level of respect to him by paying more attention to what bells and whistles the iPad 2 has rather than to how his jeans are fitting.” Over on International Business Times a report points out that although Jobs attended the dinner with President Obama, he did miss an Apple shareholders meeting, although we can’t help thinking that the launch of the iPad 2 could well have more appeal to Jobs than a shareholders meeting!

IBT wonders if the attendance of Jobs could overshadow the launch of the iPad 2 citing as saying, “Assuming Jobs does emerge, the press will heavily scrutinize everything about his attendance. Apple fans and investors would welcome the CEO’s presence, but it could also serve as an interruption. After all, the event is not about Jobs, but rather the introduction of the second generation iPad.” One thing for sure is that everybody will be waiting to see if Jobs does attend the event.

Jobs would hate to miss the unveiling of a big new product but equally would know that his appearance could put the spotlight on him and his health rather than the tablet device. However if he fails to show it could be not so much a reflection of his health but possibly more to do with the fact that recent reports are speculating the iPad 2 may be more of an upgrade, with a better iPad 3 to follow later in the year. Whether he appears or not, people will no doubt read into that whatever they choose, but here at OSM we’d like to pass on our good wishes for a return to health for Jobs.

If you want to follow the Apple event later today you might want to check out our article about live blogs and times. What are your thoughts on Steve Jobs and whether he will make an appearance or not. If he appears, do you agree that out of respect for the man people should try to concentrate more on the iPad 2? Let us know with your comments please.