Olympus SZ-30MR: Shoots HD Video & 16MP Stills At Same Time

In the past we have brought you news of some very impressive digital cameras, in this post were going to talk about a new device that can shoot HD video while simultaneously capturing 16MP still shoots, this device is the Olympus SZ-30MR.

This new compact is one of two that have just been announced by Olympus, like the SZ-30 model the SZ-20 also has the ability to capture HD video while shooting still shots. Though these are not the first ever cameras to offer the use of a great feature like this, they are the first that don’t compromise the quality of the still pictures like all other cameras do.

According to this post from Slashgear both of these snappers are due for release from March 2011, the SZ-20 model which boasts a 3inch LCD screen, 1080p HD video capture, 12.5x zoom and a 3D Photo shooting will be available for €219, its counterpart is expected to be available for €329.

So for a price tag of €329 what can you expect to get from this piece of kit? As well as having the dual video and shooting facility this piece of kit houses a host of other great features like a 24x wide optical zoom, advanced face detection, pet detection mode, 1080p HD video capture and also 3D photo shooting. You can read more on the specs by heading over to Photographyblog.com.

When designing a new product a company can be a follower or a trend setter, and with two great pieces of photography kit like this set to hit us, Olympus could be the trend setter company to watch out for.

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