New iPad 2 Pictures: Could this mockup be realistic?

Today is the big day that many of us have been waiting for, as it looks likely that the next-generation Apple iPad will be announced. The special Apple event will be held later today and it’s widely speculated that we’ll see the unveiling of the iPad 2 and there have also been rumors that it might actually be released very shortly after the event, and not a few months later as usually happens. What a lot of people want to know though, is what the next iPad will look like and today we’ve seen some amazing pictures of a very realistic mockup of an iPad 2.

Yesterday we gave you a full roundup of all the rumors and what we can expect from today’s event and among recent pieces of speculation were the possibility of a White iPad 2 and also thoughts on whether the new iPad will have the latest Thunderbolt technology, as used in the new line of MacBook Pros. A few days ago we also brought you some pictures of what was said to be an iPad 2 mockup. However we’ve now seen a new set of pictures, this time sourced from DGtle in China and shown to us by Vlad Savov over on Engadget.

It would be a shame not to let people have a look at these photos as they patiently wait for the event later today. The mockup pictures fit with everything that has been widely speculated so far about the iPad 2, such as dual-cameras, larger speaker grille and a slimmer and flatter design and have the edge over the last set of leaked images we saw. You can see a couple of the photos here or head over to the Engadget link above for more.

If you’re interested in the iPad 2 you might like to read an insightful article on what the release of it could teach Google for its Android products, written by Tim Gideon on PCMag. We’ll also be publishing a post shortly of live blogging details and times for the Apple event so do check back with us for that. What are your thoughts on these iPad 2 mockup pictures? Would you be happy if this was exactly like the genuine article, which we expect to see revealed later today in all its glory? Let us know with your comments.