FiveFactsAboutMe: Quiz could go viral

Here at OSM we take our hats off to those who keep coming up with creative ideas using social networking and when those ideas come from teenagers it’s even more impressive. We’ve just heard about a new idea called FiveFactsAboutMe which we think has real potential to go viral.

This impressive but simple quiz has been devised by Jamie Maddocks who is 15 and although it’s quick and easy we can see the results could be intriguing. The idea is you sign up for the app and devise your own quiz based on five facts about yourself. These facts could be absolutely anything and you simply allot whether they are ‘true’ or ‘false,’ and then send the quiz to your friends via Twitter or Facebook, according to Brenna Ehrlich over on Mashable.

It could certainly be fun devising the facts that you base your quiz upon and the answers could really be insightful and tell you something of what your friends really think about you. The Next Web also reports on FiveFactsAboutMe and explains that if your friends are also logged on you can see their answers on your dashboard, otherwise they will simply be shown as Anonymous.

What are your thoughts on FiveFactsAboutMe? Can you think of any really interesting true or false facts that you could put about yourself that would leave your friends stumped? Let us know with your comments using the box below.