Facebook’s New Comments System: Website Integration – Video

When it comes to Facebook any miniscule change gets scrutinized and criticized until people get used to it and forget what the ‘old’ way was. The majority of changes that you might notice are either cosmetic or have a direct impact on you, take the new photo viewing system for example.

Now we have read on Mashable about some more changes that are filtering through, Vice President of Partnerships and Platform Marketing Dan Rose has explained all about it in an interview at the Webtrends Engage conference; you can see at the bottom of the article.

Within the video Dan Rose explains that the new the new Facebook commenting system is being integrated to different websites via a plug-in. What will happen in effect is that when one of your friend’s comments on an article it will appear in your news feed, he also mentions that friends that appear in your social graph will appear more often in the feed.

This could be seen as another shrewd move by the biggest social networking site in the world as you will be able to comment and converse on a subject through the new commenting system on the article. This method will build a volume of interaction between the site and your Facebook friends resulting in more traffic of the site as they will see other comments on the article.

How do you think this will affect other commenting systems that are on websites? How do you think this will help Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

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