Facebook Filter: Expanded To Filter Page Wall Posts

When it comes to Facebook and the changes that they make, not all of them are welcomed with open arms by the 500 million+ users that are signed up to the social networking site. The photos update that recently came through as an example, not too many people we pleased with it as it made the pictures smaller (a simple F5 sorts that out though)!

Now we are hearing that there are more changes that have come through, this time it’s on the wall posts section. Facebook have managed to place a filter on the wall post page so that you can see only the content you wish to see. This will be great for admins to show only the data on their page that they want others to see.

Now if you look to the top right hand corner of the page’s wall there’s a little drop down menu with a choice of ‘Top Posts’ or ‘Most Recent’ obviously filtering in different ways. The author over at allfacebook.com Jackie Cohen says in her article that this is perhaps a re-instatement of being able to list posts in chronological order, if you recall this disappeared when the page layout changed.

One of the welcomed changes was on the ‘Like’ button, Facebook has managed to add the functionality of the share in with the like button so that when you like something it gets posted – you can read all about it using this link.

What do you think of this addition or re-addition as some may say? Let us know in the comments section below.