Facebook Fight Over $20: Ends In Death – Who’s To Blame?

What’s the most absurd crazy thing that you can think of that has happened with Facebook involved? We have heard a few such as inmates of a prison being able to use Facebook and social networking to re-offend from behind bars but none worse than this.

We have read an article over on allfacebook.com by Meredith Singer who is reporting that a 22-year old New York woman has been allegedly stabbed to death over a fight that began on the popular social networking site – Facebook. We are wondering who’s to blame here.

The report says that Kamisha Richards who was apparently attacked by her boyfriend’s Sister Kayla Henriques (both pictured below) in a housing project in Brooklyn where they both lived. According to the report, Richards lent Henriques $20 to buy nappies for her son who is 11-months old but was angered to find out that the money wasn’t spent on the baby as reported by the New York Daily News.

This is when there was an exchange of words on the social networking site that were a bit heated, Richards posted

“Kayla now u getin outa hand… I hope u having fun entertaining the world… Trust, IMA HAVE THE LAST LAUGH”

Hernriques simply replied with “We will see”. This then resulted in the attack where Richards was attacked and had stab wounds to the chest and died a short time later. Personally we don’t think that Facebook played any real part in the attack as the words could have been said in person, none the less it’s still a sad story of when situations get out of hand.

What part do you feel Facebook played in the incident? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.