Chrome CR-48, Motorola Xoom & Nexus S: Given Away At GDC

When it comes to the GDC (Gamers Development Conference) Google are pretty generous, last year attendees found themselves being showered with gifts of either a Motorola Droid or a Nexus One for free.

This year it’s a similar story with gifts such as the Motorola Xoom, the Nexus S and the Chrome CR-48 notebook being given away as free-bees as Android look to push their game development. What’s important to remember here, is whilst nobody would turn down a new notebook, tablet or smartphone the developers that are in attendance paid hundreds of dollars to be there.

Alex Dobie of AndroidCentral also adds that these are meant to be a bonus rather than a reason to attend the conference. On one day each attendee was gifted the CR-48 laptop and on another either a free Motorola Xoom or a Nexus S, there is no doubt in our minds that Google’s generosity and informative conferencing will attract game developers as the conference was designed to do.

Last year’s conference had something pretty cool too, the virtual reality hamster ball. OSM’s Debbie Turner reported on this back in March 2010 but the video is still pretty amazing.

What do you think of the GDC? Will you be attending this year’s event?