Apple Social Media To Join In Against Facebook?

Could the world’s largest social network be under threat today? As many of you know we are all sitting waiting for the Apple event to kick off and everyone is anticipating that they will be showcasing the iPad 2 maybe using a new iOS. Of course this is still the expectancy especially as the Online Apple Store has been down for much of today.

However… We have just read an article over on Slashgear by Chris Davies saying that Apple has patented some stylized speech bubbles and that really got us wondering. This could perhaps be for a new Apple social media service that would join in with others in the fight against Facebook and let’s face it, if anyone could overtake Facebook it’s Apple.

There are also a few other theories that this could in fact be for their Ping service and maybe they are doing some kind of update to it. Maybe it’s something to do with the MobileMe services, all we can say is that when it comes to Apple you really never know what they are up to.

It’s entirely possible that we will see the design at today’s event so we will just have to wait and see its purpose. Remember this is all speculation on our part.

What do you think the symbol represents? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Bridget Wright

    I hope it is a social networking service. I am a big Apple fan.