Apple iPad 2 Event Today: Live Blog Roundup and Times

Today is a big day on the tech calendar as there is an official Apple event that’s widely speculated will bring the unveiling of the next-generation iPad, or iPad 2 as it’s been dubbed. Many of us are trying to be patient as we wait for the big reveal and it’s even been speculated that the release of the iPad 2 will come shortly after the event. We thought we’d give you some details of where you can find live blogging details and times, so you can follow the news as it happens.

We’ve recently posted a roundup of speculation about the iPad 2 and what we expect to see today so click on the link if you want to catch up with what’s been going on. Earlier today we also published some images of a mockup iPad 2 which we think could turn out to be a realistic representation. The Apple event today is a huge deal in the tech world and many sites will be offering live blogging so click on the links for the one you choose.

One of the most known live blogs for event coverage such as this is over at Engadget here where Joshua Topolsky makes the good point of stressing that although everybody thinks the event is all about the iPad 2, there may be other surprises in store. There will also be live blogging available over on Cnet, or on PC Advisor, or at IGN here.

Moving on to times the Apple event is at San Francisco and starts at 10am PST. Alternative times are 1pm EST, or if you’re in London 6pm, Sydney, 3am (March 3) for Tokyo, or 5am (March 3) for Sydney. You can also check out the fixed world clock here at where we’ve entered the start time for the event and you can see the time for your region of the world so you really don’t have to miss a thing wherever you are.

What are your main expectations for the event today and do you think there could be any suprises, and if so what? Let us know by sending us your comments using the box below.