Android Honeycomb Model: Appears Outside HQ – Video

As most people will know, when Google release an update for their Android devices, normally they place a figure outside their office; the last one that we reported on was of course for Android’s Gingerbread update. The van pulled up and the guys unloaded the giant gingerbread man and proceeded to set him up in front of the small crowd.

Well they have done the same thing but this time for Android Honeycomb. We learned of the new addition through Phandroid’s Quentyn Kennemer as he has written an article saying that he can’t decide on what’s more awesome, the statue of the guy dressed up as a bumble bee running around dancing and riding a bike!

Google’s Android Honeycomb is featured on the Motorola Xoom which was released recently. In the buildup we showed you sneak previews of the new tablet running the Android OS and there are even hints that there will be a smaller version of the Xoom in a 7-inch size, we asked you if you think it would be a success?

Something that is interesting about the Xoom is that it was hacked on its first day of launch; they managed to crank the CPU up to 1.5GHz. Enough talk about Honeycomb let’s have a look the new statue being displayed outside their HQ.

We think these large figures are pretty cool, what do you think? Tell us in the comments below.