100 People Fight Takes To Australian Streets: Facebook Blamed

Social networking site Facebook which is now classed as the biggest with at least 600 million active users, is not only being used as a communication tool for posting messages, uploading photos and changing status updates but as a way for organising criminal activity.

Just a few weeks back, we gave you news that the police force particularly here in the UK needs to up its game in relation to what and how it uses social media. It was reported that if the boys in blue could understand and come to terms with the use of social media and how it works, then potentially in the long run it may change or even stop future protests for example from being organised across networking sites. If you look at the G20 protests in London back in 2009, a lot of the violence could have been avoided if social media was being used. So how does this fit in with today’s story?

At least 100 people in the Mount Druitt Westfield shopping centre, Sydney on February 3 took part in a huge street brawl, which as www.smh.com reported saw rival gangs in a stand off. With at least 30 teenagers and young men already arrested and subsequently charged, Australian police have put the organisation of the fight down to Facebook.

Amongst issuing a statement expressing that the police will not tolerate any such violence, New South Wales Police Assistant Commissioner “Denis Clifford” has said, “The use of social networking sites to arrange fights is disturbing. Unfortunately this is something that has emerged over the last few years where people are putting all sorts of things on these social network sites, whether it be images of them engaging in brawl, whether it be one street gang touting the other to have a brawl. Its a phenomenon that we’ve got to come to grips with.”

What are your thoughts on today’s story? Do you agree with the police taking more of an active role with networking sites or does it take away our people rights?