Why Social Media Won’t Be Ignored

When it comes to social media it’s no secret to popularity and when you look at the way different sports and brands are moving towards this method then you start to realize that Social media won’t be ignored.

Take the UFC for example, they have been showing a few fights per pay-per-view for free on Facebook just for liking their page. When you like their page you are helping their brand grow in terms of following. You may also want to check out the way that mobile commerce is affecting shoppers and their buying behavior.

There’s an interesting article over at searchenginejournal.com that reports on how Google’s recent update that shows who has shared things from your search. This pulls in contacts from just about everywhere with the exception of Facebook. There’s a statement mentioned within the article that was made by Google, it says that as always they want to find the most relative answers and that relevance isn’t just about pages, it’s about relationships too.

When you think about it, social media hasn’t really taken any steps backwards, they are all forward. Integrating with brands to offer exclusive deals is just one way of grabbing people’s attention. You can also check out an article over on edelmandigital.com that is talking about why the financial services can’t ignore social media.

Are you impressed with the way social media has grown in recent times? Who do you think has handled Social Media in the best possible way? Let us know in the comments section below.